Philosophy Timeless Chic

A timeless brand which takes the elegance of the past and transforms it to a modern, feminine style. Maison Tina creates the perfect outfit for the irresistible woman that affirms herself with confidence and a delicate style.

The Maison Tina woman expresses her individuality through her distinctive style. With a stunning combination of classic silhouettes and playful details, she always finds the perfect balance between elegant and sexy.

Craftsmanship Meticulous Attention

Following the traditions of haute couture fashion houses, Maison Tina pays meticulous attention to every detail. The fabrics in use are produced by the finest production houses in Italy and France. All embroideries and appliques are hand-sewn and carefully handcrafted in Tina’s atelier, turning each of the models into an exquisite piece of art.

Creative The Designer

Hristina Angelova is the designer and founder of Maison Tina. Born in a family with strong traditions in fashion design, it was only natural that she started her own brand that reflects her vision of woman aesthetics. Her models in-wrought the strong influence of iconic French haute-couture designers and the lightness of the Mediterranean culture.