Tina won a “Golden Needle” for BEST Emerging Designer


Designer Hristina Angelova is one of the best performers on the Bulgarian fashion scene. She grabbed the award for “Best Young Designer” at the annual ceremony “Golden Needle” in 2015. It is a symbol of hard work and a highly developed talent – an acknowledgement for which the designer works tirelessly every day.

Inspired by the beauty and the energy of the modern woman, Hristina Angelova offers her customers the last touch of perfection they seek for. Classic line expressed by vivid and rich colors, premium materials, individual patterns and high performance lead her to the way of big names, inspiring her career – Oscar da la Renta and Ferre. The collections of Hristina are a journey into unknown lands, recreating the depths of the ocean, the chic and the eclecticism of city, the freshness of nature, the abundance and the secrecy of nightlife. TINĀ SOCIAL CLUB is a mixture of many worlds and dreams.

Hristina Angelova is an ancestral designer, inherited her sense of aesthetics from her grandfather – designer in “Misia” factory in Pleven. Because of his advanced age and already retired from his profession, he could not notice the talent of his granddaughter and to prompt her to develop in the field of fashion, but the gene of designer is deeply rooted in her. And behold that later graduating in “Fashion” specialty, she got the necessary knowledge to recreate her fantasies in fashion masterpieces. Sometimes dreams really come true. TINĀ SOCIAL CLUB receives one of the most valuable prizes in the beginning of her career in fashion – “Best Young Designer” of Bulgaria.